Raiser’s Edge Imports Simplified

EasyREimport is another software tool in the “Easy” family of software to help with the Raiser’s Edge data! Head over to EasyREimport.com to review the entire website and details.

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EasyREimport™ is now free in 2024 thanks to our sponsors, EasyREMerge and Mission BI!

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We Believe that Raiser’s Edge imports should be easy.

Having been tasked with importing millions of constituent, gift and other records over the years, we originally developed EasyREimport as a consultant tool to make importing our client’s data easy. When you work with data, you can never have have too many tools. A few other consultants have asked to use EasyREimport, as not all their clients have purchased third party software designed to import data. Eventually we decided to offer it to all Raiser’s Edge users. EasyREimport makes importing any data file into the Raiser’s Edge easy, hence the name EasyREimport.

The Problem and Challenge

Nonprofits utilize many various third party donation tools resulting in numerous spreadsheets of constituents and gifts. Bank lockboxes, Crowdrise and other similar fundraising websites, text to give programs, payroll deduction automation are all example data sources. These constituents and gifts need to be imported into the Raiser’s Edge database. The challenge is that if the constituent record already exists, we need to update that record with a new gift and not create a duplicate constituent record. EasyREimport creates one import file containing all the new constituent records, and  another file that contains the gifts for both the new and existing constituent records.

The Solution

EasyREimport was designed primarily to take a spreadsheet of constituents AND gifts and quickly create exactly formatted Raiser’s Edge import files. Note: If your data contains only constituent records without gifts EasyREimport makes quick work of those also.

The resulting formatted files only need to be run through Raiser’s Edge Administration / Import. 

The diagram below shows how EasyREimport works. Starting with your data file needing to be imported (Left side of diagram), you add a simple export created from Raiser’s Edge, EasyREimport Export Format, so that existing constituent records can be identified and import ids can be added to your data needing to be imported. Then, using our mapping wizard, you map the new data with Raiser’s Edge fields and EasyREimport creates the needed import files to move that data into Raiser’s Edge. All screen images of this process are shown below in the How It Works section

After you review the process if you have questions see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page) or contact us.


Step One – Create an Export in Raiser’s Edge that will be used to extract the required existing constituent data including import id’s to match existing records in your database with those in the file you are going to import. This is how you create the required RE Export: EasyREimport Export Format

Step Two – Add both Files to EasyREimport:   

  1. The RE Export needed to match existing records
  2. The data you want to import

Step Three – Map the fields in the file you want to import to Raiser’s Edge Fields. (All mapping screens are shown below) The options here are: Not Present, RE Field name, or if you want to import a static value for all records such as Constituent Code, Attribute, Add Sal ID, Note…Remember it’s Easy

Step Four – Use RE Admin to Import the files you created. First import the new constituent file then the combined new and existing gift import.

 EasyREimport Screenshots

The first screen asks for three file locations:

  1. The first is your RE Constituent file, this is the export of your database for matching.
  2. The second file is the data file you are importing.
  3. The last location is where EasyREimport will create the following files when run:
    • New Constituent Import File
    • New Gift Import File
    • Your original import file appended with Constituent ID and Import Id’s. Existing Records are easily identified with current Constituent ID. New Records have new Import Id which can be used to import / update any additional fields you may have in your import file. (Note: We will let RE add constituent id’s during record creation following any preset business rules)


Remember that the Constituent ID is the first match criteria so if you recognize a row in your import file you could add that constituent id in a prematching step, this is a great feature for major donors and board members as we DO NOT want to create duplicate records for them or anyone else. (See our FAQ’s page for more information on duplicate elimination and management)


Avoiding Duplicates

EasyREimport uses an export of your entire database to find existing records and update them with a new gift. Your entire original data file is also returned with Constituent and Import id’s. Using those id’s any additional fields can be easily added to existing records.

Pre-Match ID’s with Records you know

The process of matching current records in your Raiser’s Edge database with those in your new data file begins with the Constituent ID, as seen in the first mapping screen. This process is completely automated. But If you have a Board Member or other important constituent you can add their constituent id directly to the file you are looking to import. Simply add a column named constituent id to your file, then add their id, and they will be automatically matched in the EasyREimport process. We found this incredibly useful with some event data.

Try it for 10 days free

Our current promotion uses coupon code EASY. Input your coupon code at checkout. We will send you the product installation and a 10-day license key. If you are a Raiser’s Power user or consultant and would like a free one-year license, please contact us with your request and use case.